Monday, March 5, 2012

Year 20

Photo taken by me.

So I recently just had my 20th birthday, time is going by way too fast! For my birthday instead of taking a trip or throwing a huge party I spent the money on clothes. I got so many goodies some of my favorites are a Karl Lagerfeld tank , Alexander McQueen tank, Pinko blazer and a Tory Burch black leather bracelet with gold studs. Honestly I was spoiled this birthday I got around 13 gifts not to brag but I was surprised not including my mickey mouse cupcakes and cake and my new tattoo which is shown above.  Ahhh I love birthdays. Now its time to relax light some candles by Modern Alchemy in the scent Ember (my fave by them) and watch 90210 I need to get caught up.

P.S Want some amazing candles that smell good and are in the most beautiful jars go here!

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